Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lexi's Track Day

Lexi had her track day on Tuesday.  It was not a very nice morning!  It was cold and overcast.  Here are some funny pictures.  Lexi is definitely athletically challenged!  Joe said "Yeah, you should sign her up for art classes."
This picture just makes me laugh!
Lexi and her BFF Sam.
Lexi got 5th place in the Basketball Dribble!  Yay!
Chris was kinda bored and cold, so he was playing with the swings.  He ws so happy he had all of them swinging!
Why is the ball behind Lexi when she threw it forward?  See Joe and Chris in the background on the left?  So cute!
Lexi can do the hula hoop pretty good.
Look at that face!

We are hoping for better weather next year!

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