Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earthy, Natural Necklaces

I have made a few necklaces, but none that I have ever LOVED.  Well, I love these!  I thought I would share.  The first one actually started out as a bracelet.  I had it all finished and I showed my husband, who hates to be asked his opinion on my things!  Well, he thought it would look better as a necklace.  Then he started going through my things trying to find the "centerpiece" for the necklace.  Here is what became of it!
The focal point is the flower etched shell.  I made some earrings previously that would go perfect with this!
The rest is light colored wood beads, mother of pearl beads and shell discs.

After I made the above one, I wanted to make another!  I am hooked!  I am running out of beads quickly, so I will need to stock up.
The focal point of this one is a greenish grey shell.  It is one of my favorite shells.  For the shell beads, I alternated between brown/white mother of pearl and green mother of pearl.  The wood beads are darker on this one.

They are both 18 inches long and close with a toggle clasp.

I would love your opinion on these!

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