Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Feature ~ Pinks Pleasures

Meet Peggi, the woman behind Pinks Pleasures.  The studio I am featuring is her 3rd Artfire studio!  Peggi has a great sense of humor and a passion that has made her very successful.  In this studio she makes soaps, soaps, and more soaps!  She also  makes scrubbies and dishcloths.  Everything is very colorful and looks beautiful!  She has such a large selection of soaps, it was hard to choose!  The first one I chose because it is my favorite color and looks so yummy!
Coconut Lemongrass Soap X Large 6 oz.  Doesn't this look so good?

Yuzu Citrus Soap Calla Lily large 4.5 oz.  I love calla lilies!  She makes soap in assorted shapes too!

Christmas Snow Tree in Spiced Cranberry.  These are too cute!  Great for display during the holidays and for gift giving!

Crochet Handmade Facial Scrubbies.  Pamper your skin and help the environment too!

I hope you have enjoyed this feature!  Visit Pinks Pleasures at

Product Images: Copyright PinksPleasures 2010, All Rights Reserved

1 comment:

  1. Wow! What a great post! It looks so good, I want to go and get something now! Naturally, I use all handmade soap, have for years. I just can't imagine buying store brands. Once you've used a handmade, beautifully scented bar of soap, you'll know that you deserve the best! Thank you so much for this, I'm honored and extremely pleased.



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